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A glamorous and electrifying one-of-a-kind show, Viva Cabaret hits America and welcomes you into this intoxicating world of Cabaret.

Viva Cabaret is a tribute to the most fabulous divas of all time. Brace yourself for one show-stopping performance after another! Dance, sing and celebrate with outstanding impersonations of outrageous characters performed by YURY. Viva Cabaret combines the best of dance, music, Broadway, Hollywood, ballet, clowning, and the magic that can only be experienced in live theatre. You’ll be on your feet and cheering at the energy and passion Yury brings to his world famous characters. 

Fabulous custom made costumes, high-energy music, choreographed numbers and, of course, electrifying performances from born entertainer – Yury. It’s an experience you will never forget and an event that you have been craving. Brace yourself for one show-stopping number after another. Viva Cabaret brings together iconic superstars from past and present: Liza, Ella, Cher, Madonna, Gaga, Kylie, together on one stage, changing instantly right before your very eyes. You will not believe how one actor can bring to life so many and so expertly portrayed characters in only 30 minutes. The looks, the moves, the attitude and the charisma – it's all there, whether it’s Elvis, Tina or Celine Dion. Each persona is breathtaking. Never before has this much fun been had in an independent one-man show. Enjoy the magic of live theatre. Leave your troubles at the door and indulge yourself in the divine world of Cabaret with fabulous Yury. Experience the European school of performance, pantomime and drag. 

Some of Yury's credits include:  headliner of the best impersonation show in Russia - “Dream Factory”, tours through the U.S.: New York, Las Vegas, Seattle. Canada: Toronto and Vancouver. Hamilton in Bermuda as well as frequent ongoing performances in New York's bars: Therapy and Industry and at Toronto’s famous: FLY nightclub, The Gladstone Hotel, Crews & Tangos night club, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

В репертуаре шоу две русские программы: звезды Российской эстрады в шоу "Песня Года"  и ностальгическая программа с отрывками из любимых советских кинофильмов "Кинопонорама".


 25 Divas of Viva Cabaret - VIDEO

VIVA CABARET @ The Gladstone Hotel - SLIDE SHOW


Dec 21 2018
Viva Cabaret show
Rendezvous restaurant
Dec 15 2018
Xmas party
Dec 8 2018
Corporate event, National restaurant
Dec 1 2018
Corporate event
MC & Viva Cabaret
Winnipeg, MN
Nov 29 2018
Viva Cabaret show
arbat restaurant
Nov 24 2018
Arbat restaurant
Viva Cabaret show
Nov 18 2018
Wedding MC
Shangri La Hotel Toronto
Nov 10 2018
Arbat restaurant
Viva Cabaret show
Nov 3 2018
Halloween party
Elite restaurant
MC & show
Oct 30 2018
FallsView Casino
Halloween Show
Oct 13 2018
Viva Cabaret show
Korona restaurant
Winnipeg, MN
Aug 18 2018
Arbat restaurant
Viva Cabaret show